Joint Steering Committee and Technical Advisory Committee meeting


On Thursday 17th August 2017, the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) hosted the Quarterly Steering Committee (SC) meeting of the Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management (CoEB) at MINEDUC Board Room. The main purpose of the quarterly meeting was to discuss the establishment of Board of Advisers or Directors, the transition to UR, fundraising plan and next steps.

The active meeting led by Dr. Christine Gasingirwa President of the CoEB’s Steering Committee and Director General of Science Technology at MINEDUC, with the facilitation of Prof. Beth Kaplin the Acting Director of CoEB and honorable participants were members of SC from nodes and partners of CoEB.

During the meeting Prof. Kaplin presented the CoEB updates and open discussion/comments with following six high-line: establishment of Board (agree on Director or Advisory and membership), status of staff hiring for CoEB, establishment of Scientific Committee for CoEB (Terms of Reference, Associate Researchers), funds mobilization strategy, plan for official CoEB launch event and CoEB updates ( grants applied for and received; ongoing activities; Conversion on Conservation involvement; Landscape Approach to Forest Restoration and Conservation project research and National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan.

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