PhD and MSc students in Biodiversity studies Workshop

March 11th 2017, the Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management (CoEB) in collaboration with the National Geographic Society (NGS) and East Africa Fund delivered a one day workshop on grant proposal writing to the PhD and MSc students in Biodiversity studies at University of Rwanda (UR). The workshop was held at the CoEB office located at CGIS building- Huye.


PhD and MSc students in Biodiversity studies

The main focus of this workshop was to learn about research grant proposal writing, with emphasis on preparing competitive grant proposals for field research and conservation projects for NGS and other grant organizations as well.

The workshop was chaired by Chloe Chipolletta; the Director of NGS East African fund and facilitated by Prof Beth Kaplin; the Acting Director of the CoEB. Chloe addressed to the participant on how to design and develop a competitive grant proposal with tangible ideas for NGS funding and other funding sources as well.IMG_2460.JPG

Chloe Chipolletta

As a testimony, Mr Deogratias TUYISINGIZE a PHD student shared with the participants a success story on how he got funded by NGS for his PhD research. In addition to the skills gotten from Chloe, this testimony awoke many students and raised the interests of all of them where they became strongly committed to start designing different research proposals related to their fields of interestIMG_2446.JPG


We are very grateful to see the UR’ PhD and MSc students committed for promoting biodiversity conservation through research towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).




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